EP 202 - Publishers and Predators


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Mark shares an early draft excerpt from his forthcoming August 2021 book PUBLISHING PITFALLS FOR AUTHORS. Specifically he talks about Publishers and Predators and the things that authors need to be careful to look out for.

Prior to the main content, Mark shares some comments from a recent Patreon only rant episode he recently released talking about unprofessional author behavior and promises to release an edited and slightly modified version into the regular feed in the near future.

He thanks his patrons for the feedback on that episode as well as helping him realize that the learning and insights would be valuable to the greater author community.

He then shares a word from this episode's sponsor.

This episode is sponsored by Findaway Voices.

You can learn more about how you can get your work distributed to retailers and library systems around the world at starkreflections.ca/Findaway.

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