Q&A Episode - Small Feet, Excusing Yourself from Hard Work, and More| Starting Strength Radio #114


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Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans. 1:14 Comments From The Haters 15:11 How to Handle a Bad Day in the Gym 30:10 Plan Better for the Gym 34:36 When Does a Boy Become A Man? 38:06 The Second Layback in the Press/Programming the Press 43:08 Bad Headaches While Training 47:50 Losing and Gaining Weight with Starting Strength and Diet 52:37 Diminishing Returns 56:46 Training, Neuromuscular Adaptation, and Neuromuscular Diseases 1:00:00 Movie Review Request 1:05:54 Future of Training for the Masses 1:11:10 Compliance and Starting Strength 1:20:32 How Long Should an Older Lifter Train the Olympic Lifts? 1:28:12 Should I Gain Strength or Muscle?

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