Q&A Episode - TUBOW Manufacturing, Bunions, and Rip's Training


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Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans. 1:33 Comments from the haters 11:52 The TUBOW supply 17:46 TRT for women 19:12 Programming for pregnancy 26:11 First firearm 38:38 Bunion surgery 40:35 I don’t want to read the gray book 46:19 Car (automobile) 58:33 A question from a troll 01:01:11 A new book idea 01:02:09 Training with an odd work schedule 01:05:40 Growing your coaching business 01:14:45 The weather is turning 01:15:08 Living in a country without freedom 01:17:52 Rip’s training day 01:22:02 Muscle mass and the press

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