Q&A Episode - Localism & Staying in Your Lane


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Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans. 5:13 - Comments from the Haters 16:38 - Thoughts on localism 31:24 I came here for weight lifting not politics 37:19 Update on Rip's recovery 40:20 What to look at other than mainstream 50:49 How to channel disappointment in society into something productive 1:02:12 What to expect when returning to lifting as an older man 1:08:24 Pain in scapula during squat 1:13:01 Injury from incorrectly placed belt 1:17:24 Deadlifting with a 28mm bar 1:19:06 Any advice on location when opening a gym 1:26:15 Starting Strength Radio intro music

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