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Podcast- Finance ,理財STB
一. 幫助客戶了解自己的財務狀況
二. 建立長久的且穩定獲利的理財目標
三. 依照公司財報來進行投資標的
四. 評估各種理財方式的利與弊
In the future, pure online banking will focus on more convenient deposit, exchange, insurance, trust, wealth management and other services, and will combine AI and big data analysis to more accurately meet customer credit card and loan needs, so that young people, small and medium-sized It is easier for enterprises and rural customers to obtain financial services and achieve the goal of "inclusive finance". In addition to observing the approaches of financially mature regions such as Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan, the specific approach can also be used for financial innovations in other emerging countries and regions, which in fact allows people to enjoy convenient financial services.
Work content of this group:
1. Help customers understand their financial situation
2. Establish long-term and stable and profitable financial goals
3. Make investment targets in accordance with the company's financial report
4. Evaluate the pros and cons of various financial management methods
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