Ruth Norbury: Capturing urban decay with textile art


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Ruth Norbury is a textile artist who specialises in creating urban decay art. But Ruth is full of contrasts and surprises, and today we dig into her story. She is almost entirely self taught, and loves to experiment to create the look and feel of her textile art. It's an ongoing challenge to represent the processes of decay in the urban landscape and buildings, using fabric and thread.

So with that being said... you will be surprised to discover the subject that Ruth had been embroidering for many years! Feeling trapped by the commercial success of her embroidery art, Ruth has (finally) allowed her true artistic soul to emerge and guess what? What she produces now brings more success than her original topic ever did!

There is so much to chat about and reflect upon in our conversation.

In this episode of Stitchery Stories, Ruth chats with Susan Weeks around:

  • falling into an artistic genre that really doesn't reflect your true soul
  • being brave to make changes so you can be more 'you'
  • even a small niche is massive on the global internet
  • having the confidence to step into your true niche
  • attracting your true audience, your 'tribe' as they say
  • the confidence in deciding to do your thing and be you
  • printing experiments
  • a novel way of dealing with UFO's
  • the camera never lies....
  • canal boat living
  • the dragon phase
  • the perils and delights of taking (and offering) advice
  • excited about experimenting again

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