678: Sherlock Holmes EPISODE 3 📚 The Book of Tobit - Your...Insane Holmes!


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Sherlock Holmes EPISODE 3 📚 The Book of Tobit - Your...Insane Holmes!
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Welcome my Titans, Warlords, Enforcers, and all new listeners, to your Monday Sherlock Holmes episode. Yes mates it’s time for a new remastered episode. Today’s tale sees Sherlock playing a very, very deadly game, whilst Watson is particularly confused, and seriously questioning Sherlock mental state half-way through the investigation. One of my new favourite lines, expertly delivered by Watson is around 17 minutes in, and I was laughing pretty hard at how damn convincing Watson was in persuading me that he genuinely felt Sherlock was losing the plot.
This particular episode was, a challenge. Really put my remastering skills to the test here, for real. I was able to strip away copious amounts of noise, enhance the vocals, but there were these strange skips in the tape that I had to manually cut out…or decisively leave in – at the risk of blowing the audio out and having you hear nothing at all. So if you hear a couple of blips here and there, if you can imagine 70% of that has been removed, how one would have a hard time listening. Rest assured though, I’ve given the best experience I can, and the more of these I’m able to source and repair, the more I’ll remaster and send to your lovely ears.
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