1 - The Imam and His Pirates


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As a pirate terrorising the Red Sea, Shahar has long survived by disguising herself as a fearsome and solitary man. But on a return trip to Oman, carrying the Iman's precious cargo, Shahar's identity is not the only thing she's in danger of losing...

*Episode One contains explicit language, and explores themes of both a sexual and racial nature.*

The aim of Stories from the Hearth is to rekindle its listeners' love for the ancient art of storytelling (and story-listening), and to bring some small escapism to the frantic energies of the modern world.

Episode #2 out Sunday 31st January 2021 (31.01.21)

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Original Artwork by Anna Ferrara
Anna's Instagram: @giallosardina
Anna's Portfolio: https://annaferrara.carbonmade.com/

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