5 - The Keymaker (Part Two)


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Xi'an, China. 1967. A Kazakhstani writer has travelled through time to the heart of Communist China's barbaric Cultural Revolution. Now, he awaits trial, charged with crimes for which the penalty is death. The protagonist of his latest story, a girl called Junlei, finds herself trapped in a mysterious library. Solving the riddle of this library might just be the only means of escape, for both she and her author. But whilst both characters are held against their will, how could either of them ever escape this historic hell?

This is the dramatic conclusion to two-part historical thriller, The Keymaker.

The aim of Stories from the Hearth is to rekindle its listeners' love for the ancient art of storytelling (and story-listening), and to bring some small escapism to the frantic energies of the modern world.

Episode #6 out Sunday 11th April 2021 (11.04.21)

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