A Conversation with Ann Gerety Smyth


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by Éamonn O'Doherty. Ardagh hill, in County Longford, Ireland is a very special 'Stories in the Landscape' location. This is the legendary Bri Leith, where much of the Tocmarc Étaíne is set. The Ardagh Heritage and Creative Centre, managed by story teller and educator, Ann and her colleague Annette, nestles at the foot of this beautiful hill. Join Chris and Ann,as they explore the centre, and how to best present and adapt the, complex, Tocmarc Étaíne for a modern audience. ‘ÉIRÍ’ An international Arts Competition and Research Project The Tocmarc Étaíne includes many fascinating female characters with intriguing and often complex motivations. Their stories still have much in common with current issues. Listen in to spark ideas for submissions to this exciting Arts competition, open to entries up to the close of October 22. Links for this episode Find out more about the Creative Ardagh CentreExplore the craft shopHeritage in Schools Scheme Explore the Tocmarc Étaíne through the Story Archaeology Archive Dindshenchas 09: Tocmarc Étaíne 1 - A Fly On The Wall Listen to the podcast: A Fly on the WallFind Chris' story: FuamnachThe Text of Tocmarc Étaíne Part 1 translation by IsoldeBrú na Bóinne and Cnogba - the Boyne Valley in the Metrical Dindshenchas: translation by IsoldeThe Brú na Bóinne and Brí Leith: landscape exploration by ChrisÉtaín, Eithliu, Vessels and Rebirth: article by Isolde Dindshenchas 10: Tocmarc Étaíne 2 - The Re-Born Identity .Listen to the podcast: The Re-Born IdentityFind the story told by Chris: A ProphecyThe Text of Tocmarc Étaíne Part 2: Translation by Isolde Dindshenchas 11: Tocmarc Étaíne 3 - A Game of Fidchell Listen to the podcast: A Game of FidchellFind Chris' telling of the story A Causeway Over Móin LámraigeThe Corlea Trackway

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