Draymond Green Has Been a Disaster, This Sucks for Steph Curry & Jaylen Brown vs Jayson Tatum for Finals MVP?


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On today’s episode, Jason and Producer Rob G bring you wall-to-wall reaction to the Boston Celtics’ Game 3 victory over the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. Steph Curry suffered a foot injury that could sideline him for Game 4, but even still, the biggest storyline to come out of Wednesday’s action had to be the play of Draymond Green. After a week of injecting himself into social media beefs with Kevin Durant and a war of words with Cornbread Maxwell, Green was an absolute disaster on the floor in Game 3; Things have gotten so bad on the offensive end that both Jason and Rob G believe that Steve Kerr may have no choice but to cut Green’s minutes moving forward… and even that might not matter if Curry isn’t 100%. Speaking of Steph, if the Warriors end up falling to the Celtics in these NBA Finals (which is looking more and more likely these days), is it fair to say that he’s officially eliminated from top-10 all-time consideration? As great as he is, the harsh reality is that his only NBA championship without Kevin Durant would have came against a Cleveland Cavaliers team that was missing both Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. J-Mac and Rob G mostly disagree on this topic, but it definitely makes for an interesting discussion. Finally, the guys close the show by explaining why they both currently have Jaylen Brown - not Jayson Tatum - as their pick to win NBA Finals MVP.

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