Straight Fire w/ Jason McIntyre - Chris Paul Has it Out For Luka Doncic + CBS Sports analyst Danny Kanell


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On today's podcast, Jason kicks things off with a few thoughts on the Phoenix Suns' blowout victory over the Dallas Mavericks. Luka Doncic put up big numbers offensively, but Chris Paul and the Suns absolutely hunted Luka on the defensive end in the second half. CP3 is clearly fed up with all the love Luka has been receiving from the media and it seems through the first two games as though he has a personal vendetta Doncic. Having said that, the last time Paul got into it with an opposing point guard (Steph Curry), he injured his hamstring; CP3 would be wise not to tempt the Basketball Gods again. Later, CBS Sports analyst Danny Kanell swings by to discuss how NIL and the transfer portal has unintentionally changed college sports for the worse by essentially becoming ‘pay for play’, the sagas surrounding University of Pittsburgh wide receiver Jordan Addison and University of Miami guard Isaiah Wong, the potential development of a true minor league outside of college football, how NIL has made school boosters feel like NFL general manager, which 2023 NFL Draft eligible quarterbacks could be taken in the top-10, and much more!

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