Straight Fire w/ Jason McIntyre - Steph Curry's Shot at NBA History & Do Folks Really Believe in the Boston Celtics?


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On today's episode, Jason gets the party started with a quick note on a minor transaction in the NBA that could end up paying big dividends. The Brooklyn Nets' decision to differ their first round pick from the Philadelphia 76ers to 2023 is something more folks should be talking about. If the James Harden experiment continues to go awry or if Joel Embiid gets struck by another injury (neither of which would be all that shocking), the Nets could find themselves with a lottery pick. Later, Jason brings you an in-depth preview of the upcoming NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics. J-Mac has already gone on the record as picking 'Warriors in 6', and that seems to be a pretty common prediction from NBA analysts. At this point, it almost feels like anyone who is picking Jayson Tatum and the Celtics to win the series is only doing so as a way to cut through the media clutter. Having said that, if Golden State does in fact bring home the bacon, what then will that mean for Steph Curry's legacy? Would he have passed Magic Johnson as the greatest point guard in NBA history? Does it end any debate about whether or not he's a better player than Kevin Durant? Would a championship and an NBA Finals MVP vault him into the all-time top-10?

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