The All-NBA Teams are a Joke + writer Mark Medina


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On today's episode, Jason kicks things off by taking Jalen Rose to task for voting Kyrie Irving to the All-NBA team. Given the fact that Kyrie only played 29 games last season and is generally regarded as the main source for all the turmoil surrounding the Brooklyn Nets, it's clear that Rose had some sort of personal agenda for voting for Kyrie. Moreover, the criteria seems to vary from voter to voter; The whole thing has turned into a joke. Our fearless leader also brings us a way-too-early preview of the NBA Finals. Barring something catastrophic, it's going to be a showdown between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics. Can't wait! Later, scribe and FOX Sports Radio NBA insider Mark Medina swings by to discuss the current status and future outlook of several high-profile superstars, including which teams might break the bank for Deandre Ayton, the likelihood that Zach LaVine returns to the Chicago Bulls, how the Philadelphia 76ers can 'fix' James Harden, why the Brooklyn Nets are unwilling to offer Kyrie a max contract extension, what it might take for the Los Angeles Lakers to unload Russell Westbrook, and more!

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