Chris Suspect Shoots the Insurrection


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Chris Suspect is fearless when it comes to street photography, which is why he gets so many extraordinary photos. On January 6th, Chris headed out to Capitol Hill and quickly found himself on the front lines of the insurrection. He faced agitated crowds, pepper spray, tear gas, flash bang grenades and more as he documented people facing off with the police and storming the capitol. Chris told us all about his experience, and even threw in a few practical tips for photographing protests and events that might get a little out of control.

Chris also talked to Bob about his upcoming Day of the Dead workshop, which will take place October 29 – November 4 in San Miguel de Allende. Chris will teach students how to read a streat photography image and identify the elements you need to take a sucessful photo. No matter your skill level, you can expect to learn about juxtapositions, tricks of perspective, multiple points of interest, capturing raw emotion, layering, obscuring elements, geometric principles, shadow play, and harnessing the subliminal power of semiotics. Night shooting and flash photography will also be on the agenda. Best of all, Chris says San Miguel de Allende is one of the safest, easiest places to shoot, which means you can practice street shooting without the fear you might feel in your home city.

Listen in to hear more about the insurrection and Chris’ workshop in this episode of the SPM Podcast.

A Selection of Chris’ Insurrection Photos

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