Mark Indig – Movie executive becomes documentary photographer


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Mark Indig was motion picture executive for over 40 years with major studios like Disney, Miramax Universal and Dreamworks. During his career he worked on films like Body Heat, The Big Chill, Titanic, The Village, The Guardian and Tropic Thunder.

Mark started in the biz as a location manager where he traveled the world to identify and document locations for new films. The skills and workflows he created to complete these assignments gave him the skillset to create long-form documentary photo projects like his study of he Ohio River titled Ohi:Yo’. This one thrilled me in particular because several stand-out photos were taken in my hometown of East Liverpool, Ohio.

Mark also was the series winner of theLos Angeles Center of Photography 2021 Street Photography Around the World Contest. His winning photos were published in the May 2021 Issue of Street Photography Magazine.

During our conversation we talked a lot about how he approaches a new project and gave me some tips for one I just started. I’m sure you will learn something valuable from him as well. So please have a listen to my conversation with Mark Indig.

A selection of Mark’s photos

  • Closed Sundays #42
  • Westminster Vermont
  • Point Pleasant West Virginia
  • Wellsburg West Virginia

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