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(image ©Sandra Cattaneo Adorno)

In this episode, Antonio and Ward had the privilege of interviewing Brazilian-born photographer, Sandra Cattaneo Adorno. Sandra began photography career eight years ago when her daughter enrolled her in Alex and Rebecca Webb's street photo workshop in Barcelona for her 60th birthday. Since then, she has traveled the world photographing people in her own unique way. Last year, Radius Books published Sandra's second photo book, "Águas De Ouro," (which translates to "Waters of Gold.") which in itself is a work of art. The Street Shots guys talk to Sandra about her book and what it's like to be a creative and successful midlife photographer.

Show notes and gallery can be found here: http://streetshots.photography/2021/09/13/street-shots-ep-143-ipanema-dreams/


Show Links:

Sandra's Website & Instagram

Books: "Aguas de Ouro" (You can watch a video presenting the book here)

"The Other Half of the Sky" (Click here to watch a video presenting the book)

Antonio M. Rosario's Website, Instagram feed and Facebook page

Ward Rosin’s Website, Instagram feed and Facebook page.

Ornis Photo Website

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