Studying the Song - Audition & Music Preparation for Musical Theatre


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A podcast for musical theatre actors who want to take their vocal artistry to the next level by going deep into the music of musical theatre. We’ll be dissecting the songs, character and vocal archetypes, musical genres, and vocals styles of Broadway so that you can: 1)create a powerful audition book that showcases your artistry and actually gets you work 2)feel totally at home reading the musical score of a show 3)define your unique artistic voice 4)and craft a performing career you love! Each week, you’ll hear educational content, live coachings, and interviews with theatre professionals – all focused on storytelling through song, developing your vocal artistry, and helping you discover the unique greatness you have to offer the world. Consider me your own personal vocal coach in your ear buds, cheering you on and bringing you the reality checks you need along the way. If you’ve been dying to discover the songs that connect with your soul, refine your vocal performance, and actually book the gig, then this is the place for you. I’m Korrie Yamaoka, musical theatre vocal coach and music director for 15+ years, and I’m so excited to be walking this journey with you. Let’s dive in.

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