SPALife: Making Great Decisions That Set You Up For Success With Diane Halfman


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For some reason, making decisions does not come that automatically for most women. Second-guessing seems to be second nature for a lot of women and too often in life and in business, it holds them back from getting the success and significance that they deserve. Coming to the rescue is Diane Halfman, the founder of SPALife. SPA stands for “Seek Power Always,” a message that comes through clearly in the work that she does around helping women make better decisions faster and empower themselves to live a life by design, not by default. With a badass background as an undercover cop, Diane has a unique perspective of life that she is more than willing to share with other women. Joining Jen Du Plessis in this synergistic exchange of ideas, Diane discusses how women can overcome their tendency for second-guessing and start showing up in the world as their BEST selves. Stick to the end for her incredible gift!

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