Turning Points – Lessons From A Renegade’s Journey In Real Estate With Goose McGrath Of dashdot Buyers Agents


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A lot of things are different in real estate down south in Australia, but the main challenges are fundamentally the same. In this episode, Jen Du Plessis brings in Australian buying agent, Goose McGrath, the CEO of dashdot Buyers Agents, a company that specializes in helping investors build profitable portfolios using their proprietary Holy Trinity Formula – a renegade strategy that challenges deep-seated beliefs and practices in the highly conservative Australian market. Tapping into an untapped niche on the buyer’s side, Goose built a profitable business with relatively less competition. It took Goose some time to find real estate, however. Right from when he was 17, he ran his own business organizing music festivals. When he started in real estate in his 30s, he had barely any knowledge or experience in the field and made some pretty serious mistakes. Goose may have achieved his own success now, but it was the turning points in his crazy journey that have given him the biggest learning experiences in his career. Listen in and learn a thing or two from his story.

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