#WinThisFight: Winning The Fight Against Human Trafficking With Mitzi Perdue


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If you’re familiar with the statistics of human trafficking, you’d probably think that the problem is of such magnitude that it cannot be tackled easily. That doesn’t faze Mitzi Perdue, as she is determined to #WinThisFight against human trafficking through awareness and concrete action. Being born, raised, grown and married into privilege is no cause for Mitzi to lose the heart to serve other people, which she learned from her iconic father. Whether in investing in an industry she had no prior experience with to tackling a worldwide evil that escapes prosecution everywhere, Mitzi does not fear putting herself on the line for what she truly believes. Joining Jen Du Plessis for a chat, Mitzi shares her journey to success and significance – something that we certainly need to take cues from.

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