Flint Hills Volunteer Center - Suicide Awareness P.A.C.T. Ep 6 - Mel Pooler


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Mel Pooler is a retired educator and has worked tirelessly to advance suicide awareness. On this episode of "Suicide P.A.C.T.," hear her story, along with co-hosts Dave Lewis and Lori Bishop, as they discuss the life and deaths of their loved ones.
“PACT” is an acronym for “Prevention, Awareness, Compassion, Training.” It’s a collaborative effort with the Flint Hills Volunteer Center, the Kansas Health Foundation, AmeriCorps Seniors, and the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation. In the PACT podcast series, we’ll visit with family members of those who’ve died by suicide, individuals who have considered suicide, and professionals who help those who are troubled.
If you know someone who may be considering suicide, please share these stories.
Find help here: www.flinthillsvolunteercenter.com/yrspp/

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