Will Fallout 76 Thrive With The Locked & Loaded Update? | SMG EP 6


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In Episode 6 of Sunday Morning Gamer Marty is riding solo and gearing up for some weekly gaming news. After that we dive in for a closer look at the new "Locked and Loaded" update for Fallout 76. Some talk about the new Resident Evil 8 Demo and finally an update on the podcast and what we have been up to!.
Welcome to episode 6 of Sunday Morning Gamer a weekly gaming podcast! An aloof Gaming Podcast where two long-time friends get together over several cups of coffee and talk about gaming experiences good & bad | old & new. it maybe be some rand gaming news or just a game were diving into that current week.
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INTRO - 0:00
newBYTES - 0:46
Fallout 76 Update - 10:32
What Are You Doing? - 23:46
Will Fallout 76 Thrive With The Locked & Loaded Update? | SMG EP 6
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