Episode 6 - Men Cultivating Their Family Government - A Reply to Objections


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In this episode, we provide a meaningful reply to a listener who wrote in with objections to Episode 5, Men Cultivating Their Family Government. We take a DEEP dive into the marital union where women act without dignity and men act without conscience and courage to govern on the King’s terms clearly WRITTEN in His holy word. Don’t miss this world overcoming exchange to bring the King’s order into your family government.

The other 6 days a week, Sean Morgan hosts shows about defeating America's enemies through civic solutions. On Sundays, he interviews author Barry H. Durmaz about Christ's Kingdom government principles for spiritual solutions to America's problems.

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Scriptures Referenced In This Episode:

1 Peter 3: 1-6

Romans 10:17

Mark 4: 1-20

Matthew 13:18-20

Genesis 6: 5

Isaiah 48:8

Revelation 12:11

Luke 9:23

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