In Search Of ... Animal ESP and Empathetic Yogurt with Leonard Nimoy


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Meet Leonard. He’s an actor whose popular TV show has been cancelled and the movie revival of that show has yet to begin. You might say he’s In Search Of … employment.

What he finds is the opportunity to make 150 episodes of a show devoted to the exploration of unsolved mysteries and things that defy explanation.

Things like “psy trailing” where a family projects their location to their dog Bobby when they leave him at a rest stop 2,000 miles from home.

Things like a fighting fish so strong willed he defies the odds of probability.

Things like a plant photographer who has definitely ingested some plants.

Things like a man hooking up yogurt to a lie detector to gauge the yogurt’s empathy.

And if you think Leonard Nimoy is any help on getting through all of this, he’s far too busy dressing and posing like a deconstructed Superman and slinging junk science to make this go down any easier.

Thrill as we have out of body experiences with a cat named Jill, listen to an old lady who hates rock music slowly recite a long list of plants, and use sophisticated machines and our mind’s inner eye to prove ... absolutely nothing.

Is there an animal psychic involved?

You bet there is!

We’re suffering through and reporting back on two episodes of In Search Of … devoted to Extra Sensory Perception. They’re free to watch on YouTube if you really want to do that to yourself. Other Voices and Animal ESP

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