Oh My God! It's Harrod Blank!


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Meet Harrod Blank. He’s a tall, attractive young man with a good head of hair, and within five minutes of knowing him you probably won’t be surprised to learn that as a child he spent more time with chickens than with people.

Harrod’s devoted his life to making and celebrating art cars, which is all fine and good, but what this documentary unintentionally celebrates is Harrod’s love life.

Thrill as Harrod falls for what seems to be the first non-chicken, non-mom female he meets, then SUCCESSFULLY woos her with love poems about maggots and decaying fish!

Chill as you learn Harrod’s opening move with women is to show them a dead cat!

Question everything you thought you knew about life when you learn that even when Harrod was literally living in a child’s playhouse in someone’s yard, he STILL managed to have a live-in girlfriend, at least until winter came around.

Along the way, we’ll come to realize there are some things about Harrod as an artist that we kind of admire. We even start to think it’s almost too bad he isn’t in a better movie than this… but then Harrod’s back to clucking like a chicken again.

Speaking of our feathered friends, we may have discovered a unified theory of chickens, but rest assured. Despite Jaime’s best efforts, we are NOT re-naming this podcast “Super Chicken Stories.”

We're suffering through and reporting back on Oh My God, It’s Harrod Blank, available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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