Okie Noodling (Hand Fishing for Catfish in Oklahoma)


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Meet Bradley. As a boy, his cousins from Oklahoma showed him the scars on their arms from fishing for catfish barehanded. In other words, they were Okie Noodlers.

Fast forward many years and adult Bradley decides to revisit this fishing subculture. When he finally finds some people willing to fess up to this behavior, he’ll go on a journey that ultimately leads to him establishing the first ever noodling tournament.

Along the way, he'll introduce the viewer to a pantheon of men who you will be shocked to learn are about twenty years younger than they appear to be. It seem noodlin’ ages a man – and we say “man” because all of the women in this documentary may have been willing to try noodling once, but they weren’t dumb enough to ever come back.

Join us as we hassle snakes, treat wounds with duct tape, and accidentally noodle a beaver. We also learn how to take away a fish's free will, how to cheat at noodling, and discover that while some noodlers noodle nude, there also appear to be never-nude noodlers.

We’re suffering through and reporting back on Okie Noodling, available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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