Chronological Order - Part 3


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Part 2 – Wildland Fire

Flip over a rock in Superstition and a story crawls out from underneath it. And Jack St. James is making it her business to uncover as many stories as she can - in the hopes one will lead to her own answers. As a conclusion - a prologue, two sisters, and seven years of bad luck.

(Part 3 of 3.)

Kira Apple as Jack St. James

Georie Taylor as Izzy Najle

Lucille Valentine as Artemisia Smith.

This episode was written and edited by Sarah Kolb. The story Wildland Fire was written by Lucille Valentine.

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The songs “Desert 3,” by Playing In Tongues, “Diner Gothic” by Blue Dot Sessions, “Unknown Lovers Blues” by Dee Yan-Key and “Ambient Blues Joe” by Lobo Loco are featured with an Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license (

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