Survival Medicine Podcast: RSV, Cellulitis, Antibiotics, Cold Water Safety


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People in off-grid settings are often called upon to perform activities to which they’re not accustomed. In daily survival, the inexperienced will suffer mishaps that lead to injury; in situations where sanitation is questionable, these injuries carry a risk of infection, especially in unsanitary conditions. One of these is known as “cellulitis.” Dr. Joe Alton tells you what you need to know about this common problem. Also, aquarium antibiotics have been a staple for survival medics since Dr. Alton's article in survivalblog close to 15 years ago. Now, the government is tightening the screws as to how citizens can access antibiotics, starting with food-producing livestock. What does it mean for the preparedness community? Plus, an outbreak of respiratory syncytial virus on the west coast may become an epidemic and part of a triple whammy this winter along with flu and COVID. Find out about this surging virus. Finally, some advice on what to do in falls into cold water from a capsized boat (or, in the case of recent headlines, a fall from a cruise ship!) All this and more in the latest Survival Medicine Podcast with Joe Alton MD, aka Dr. Bones! Hey, don't forget your copy of The Survival Medicine Handbook, the 4th edition, a 2022 Book Excellence Award Winner in the Medical category!

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