Talk Heathen 06.32 08-07-2022 with Secular Rarity and Nate Smith


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For today’s Talk Heathen, we have Secular Rarity joined by Nate Smith and Jason Sherwood who will take calls in search of the answers for the big questions in life.
Patrick in FL is first and wants to talk about the difference between a panpsychism and a panprotopsychism. There seems to be a problem when we try to put a nice little neat circle around consciousness and then extrapolate that for all living beings. Response to stimuli does not necessarily mean that something is conscious. How do we determine the difference between responding to outside stimuli and a self aware being? How do you make the leap to all consciousness being connected in the universe? What is the value of thinking this?
Xeno from South Korea would like to pose the ontological argument for god. The hosts asked several times, “Xeno, what do you mean by ontology? “ The caller was unable to provide a definition.
Jason in TN has religious friends that are uncomfortable with the struggle of trans people going through transition. The Bible does not really talk about trans people but the bigots like to take the opportunity to lump everything together. We need to stop gatekeeping who is and is not accepted in that community, and tear down the barriers of tribalism that have poisoned us for so long.
Jason in FL says that Jediism started as a myth and has turned into reality, and that we can do amazing things with the mind. It is a physical and mental art of disciplining oneself. There have been many religions that have been used as the philosophy of Jediism. Do you believe in The Force and have the ability to lift stuff up with your mind? This sounds more like a philosophical practice rather than a woo woo religion. If you get more out of movies than art and entertainment, then more power to you. Just be careful if you feel like these things are literally talking to you.
Thank you for tuning in! Thank you to the essential workers!

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