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Episode 26 of Season 2 has two intriguing jams!

In our Political Talk segment, we talk about the origin of the phrase 'swallowing the Kool-Aid', where it came from and what it means in the context of political conversation today.

In our second jam, we talk about how long it ACTUALLY TAKES to write a book. That time can vary widely--from three days to, in one case, thirty years! The good news is, other writers have done it much more quickly, and we discuss them, too, and how to get a good book out of ANY time you have to write. (Warning: Hearing how quickly some of these writers have turned out their books may make you need to lie down with a cold cloth on your head!)

For example, the 'ultimate' fast writer, check out THE WAR OF THE WORLDS MURDER by Max Allan Collins, one of my favorites in his 'disaster' series from the mid-2000s. You'll find plenty of details on Walter Gibson (aka Maxwell Grant) and how he wrote The Shadow novels, which were so popular in the 1930's":

https://www.amazon.com/War-Worlds-Murder-Disaster-ebook/dp/B007X637A4/ (We get no compensation for recommending this, we just love it!)

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