Introducing Personal Heroes--The Life of Desi Arnaz


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Episode 28 of Season 2 introduces a new type of segment on TALK JAM, where Kelly and Susan discuss their personal heroes and why they admire them so much.

Today is Susan's turn to kick things off, with a segment on Desi Arnaz, the man who created I LOVE LUCY, started a dance craze with the conga in the US, and who went from cleaning birdcages in Florida as a homeless refugee from his Cuban homeland to starring on Broadway, leading his own orchestra and marrying a bona fide movie star--Lucille Ball. And all this BEFORE I LOVE LUCY became a television legend! Desi Arnaz lived the American dream, in a way few of us ever get to do, and he's one of Susan's heroes. Hear why and how in this episode!

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