What are GHOST can they be our past loved ones?What are GHOST can they be our pa


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Today you will discover the truth about ghosts, are they real, do they want to hurt us, are they good or bad? So many people do not know what ghost really is so today's show is going to help open your eyes to the truth! Call in and share your ghost stories what has happened to you? Just maybe we can talk to one today if your ghost is hanging around you! Have you heard chains rattling, or maybe someone whispered your name, what if you saw something written from an unknown person? Spirits love to play games they love to get our attention but WHY? I will tell you today. AskTammyAdams Show VLOGS on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqfYUwk4-S9DoT0ZlXk_1NA?sub_confirmation=1 (Repeat) To receive information about my upcoming events, classes, and monthly Angel messages, sign up for my mailing list today! Follow Tammy @asktammyadams Visit AskTammyAdams.com to sign-up!

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