Episode 210 - [LIVE] Our Favorite “G” Breweries


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In Episode 210 we go live again on Facebook and on Twitter, and in this episode we discuss our favorite breweries that start with the letter “G”...well at least Denny does. It is another solo show because Kris succumbed to the technology gremlins and is without Internet for most the week. In Ep 211 we will be doing a tasting notes segment with the Duvel 666 Strong blonde Ale…so pick one up and taste along with us. Now grab a beer and enjoy the show!

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Payette Brewing Co North Fork Lager

Fremont Brewing and Bale Breaker Brewing Collab Cultivision Cold IPA

Shades Brewing Kveik Pina Colada Fruited Sour

Monkless Belgian Ales The FNG Belgian Dubbel

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