Jamie Sears on Transforming Reluctant Writers Into Excited Writers


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How do I get all of my students excited about writing? How do I even get myself excited to teach writing?! If you are one of the many teachers who dread writing time, you are not alone. Luckily, I have some incredible inspiration for you to take back to your classroom! Today I’m joined by my dear friend, Jamie Sears. Jamie is offering her guidance and wisdom on how to spice up your writing block and make it a time that everyone looks forward to.

Jamie Sears is the face behind Not So Wimpy Teacher. She is a fun-loving mom of five, (soon to be six) wife, business woman, and forever a teacher at heart. After many years of teaching in the classroom, her passion to make learning fun for students and teachers alike inspired her to start the Not So Wimpy Teacher. Now she has the honor of serving hundreds of thousands of teachers around the world by providing easy-to-use hands-on resources.

In this episode we discuss:

-The components of a successful writing block

-Breaking big ideas down into small topics

-Engaging strategies to get reluctant students excited to write

-Incorporating choice into your writing block to increase student buy-in

-How it’s possible to be an effective writing teacher if you don’t feel like you are good at it yet

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Resources mentioned:

-Jamie's FREE Training: 3 Little-Known Secrets to Easily Transform Your Students Into Thriving and Excited Writers


-IG: @notsowimpyteacher

For more resources and show notes, head to teachcreatemotivate.com/19. Follow me on Instagram @teachcreatemotivate.

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