Ep 14 - The Long Stand Up!


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As promised, this week we're showcasing all of the parts of our working lives that we normally have to rush through. It's the first (and probably not the last) Stand-Up Special! Gwen shares some exciting professional developments and hopes for 2022, while recovering from a sourdough-inflicted ailment. Sanj (or Super-Sanj as he is now known after his boosters) finally spends some time in the testing and documentation camp. And Neil finally shares his big news, though gets significantly distracted by ranting about his Pixel 6 annoyances. Plus, all three hosts reach quick agreement on their least favourite household appliance.

Next week is our final episode of the year, where we'll be running a Season 1 retrospective: what's gone well, and what we might change for Season 2. We'd love to include your thoughts, so please get in touch via any of the usual channels!


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01:40 Social Engineering
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Rapid Software Testing

Android Police: Notifications feeling sluggish? This popular Android game may be to blame

The Verge: Google explains why the Pixel 6’s fingerprint scanner may be sluggish

Digital Spy: Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently fighting a no-win battle

Godot Engine

LeadDev New York 2022

We Got This Covered: Can Optimus Prime save us from the Omicron variant? The Internet thinks so

Rands Leadership Slack

Pat Kua

YouTube: Arcane trailer



YouTube: Mr Robot season 1 trailer

YouTube: Futureman season 1 trailer

M+ Museum

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