E34 - Myriam Joire: From 90s game development to OnePlus 9


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If you've ever read Engadget, Mobile Geeks, Chip Chick, watched All About Android or weared a smart watch you've been influenced by Myriam Joire. Her opinions and tech recommendations made Kristian buy the Moto X in 2014 and later convince Ole to turn to Android.

Now she's the first English speaking guest at Teknokratiet. Myriam tells us her story about her journey from writing games and partying with the Winamp creators, to writing for major american tech publications.

Joire takes a deep dive into the LG Mobile surrender and coins the term "oppofication" in regards to the release of the OnePlus 9 series. Did OnePlus oversell the Hasselblad name or are the new phone cameras competative to the Samsung and Apple phones?

The episode turns into a warm conversation between two fans and a legend. This is Teknokratiets first English spoken episode.

If you want to listen to her mobile expertise you can take a listen to Mobile Tech Podcast wherever you find podcasts and check out beautiful pictures of beautiful phones on her Instagram handle Tnkgrl. The same handle goes for Twitter, which we recommend you to follow!

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