RERUN | Sarah Shahi: Seeking the Highest Degree of Truth


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Today’s guest is the gutsy and candid Sarah Shahi. You might recognize her as Jenny from Alias, Carmen on the L-Word, or the iconic Sameen Shaw on CBS’ Person of Interest. She’s a refreshingly honest and thus charming actress who makes no apologies for being herself. She discusses how befriending Robert Altman as an extra on his set inspired her to pursue an acting career and make the move from Texas to LA. She emphasizes the importance of being true to yourself in every way possible- for her, that means keeping her wardrobe casual and messy- even if it costs her the job.

Sarah keeps it real, opening up about what it’s like to film sex scenes and even begin lactating mid-audition. Her career is an example of what can happen when you don’t plan your life around the work and instead trust that the net will catch you.

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