Episode 132 Suit Up Everyone It's Slime Time on Club House


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Suit Up Everyone It's Slime Time on Club House

@JoinClubHouse app may still be in Beta but they have opened the doors to millions of people so in order to listen and learn and build a better experience. I do love that culture in a company.

But, there is a dark side to ClubHouse and I don't know if the Founders realize it, and if it will ever be able to be fixed. In this episode I explain why you should never pitch your idea for a product or service, or website, or name for a product, on ClubHouse! Before you pitch anything in a room of hundreds of people make sure your website URL is protected, trademark, brand name, patent on product, etc., is PROTECTED. You do not know who is lurking in the audience ready to run with it faster than you can. Provisional Patent, Trademark, Domain Registration. Be aware. Be very aware.

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