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I think you will find Patti to be helpful to you growing your business, so you can create your ideal business and ideal life. Patti Mara has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurial owned and operated businesses to reposition them for success and dramatically increase their growth, client retention, and profit. She is the author of UpSolutions – Turning Your Team into Heroes and Customers into Ravings Fans. Here are some questions I asked Patti that you will benefit from by listening to her interview: 1. What are essential mindsets to position for growth even when in the midst of chaos, whether real or perceived? 2. How do you switch from transaction-based to relationship-based outcomes? 3. How to turn challenges and mistakes into lessons that fuel your growth? 4. What are the key components to set you and your team up to win? 5. Let’s talk a bit about communication. Our clients are always talking to us; however, are we really listening? 6. What's the role of collaboration for growth and market leadership? You can find my interview with Patti Mara at,,, and on most podcast platforms and in most English-speaking countries. Subscribe to get new episodes as they are released. You can download Patti’s TouchPoint Scorecard tool for free with a short video training, and button to find out where to buy her book, by going to Many simple and effective resources get created when I'm coaching my one-on-one clients. An issue or situation comes up and I create a resource tool to help them get an even better result. In this example, my business owner coaching client wanted to better hold his support team accountable, so I created a performance assessment tool. This enhances regular communication with each team member about their specific performance of what they are responsible for (whether internal or virtual). It lets the team member feel good about their progress and it helps the business owner feel more confident about what is being done and at what level of performance. You will benefit, just as my clients have, from utilizing this simple and effective performance assessment for every member of your team. Customize it for each person on your team based on their job description. More specifically, each team member should customize it for themselves and you approve it. Schedule a meeting every 90 days to review progress in each area you are measuring. To download my complimentary support team performance assessment, so you can customize it for each of your team members, go to: It is a great communication tool. Get a daily Accountability Minute single, simple, doable idea, so you can start your day off on the "right foot", by subscribing to The Accountability Minute at or subscribe based on your country and podcast platform preference. The Accountability Minute on Amazon's Alexa in the USA: The Accountability Minute on Alexa in Canada: The Accountability Minute on Alexa in Australia: The Accountability Minute on Alexa in UK: Want timely and relevant information to help you make more money and work less, so you can enjoy your ideal business and ideal life? Subscribe to my business success tips blog by going to Feel free to share this with others who you think would get value. Let me know how else I can be of assistance to you on your goal achievement journey.

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