Interview with Jessica Bledsoe, Time Management Expert


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Jessica Bledsoe is the co-founder and CEO of Pav*r, a digital calendar time management application. A graduate of the University of Louisville, Jessica has a proven entrepreneurship track record and nearly a decade of experience driving sales growth in the technology industry. Jessica was the recipient of the 2019 Rising Star award by Women in Tech and is passionate about helping others use technology to improve their daily lives. Here are some questions I asked Jessica that you will benefit from by listening to her interview: • Based on your experience, what needs to change with how we leverage our time? • What are your recommended 3 steps we can take today for making time for what we really want? • What is the research behind what makes our goals work vs. flopping? • Explain the process of your Intentional Calendar Mapping Method? • What are your best ideas and suggestions for helping us achieve our annual goals, whether they are business or personal? Take advantage of Jessica’s Free 3-day Challenge using the Intentional Calendar Mapping Method: To help you be even more effective and efficient, so you can achieve your goals at an accelerated rate, you can delegate more to your team members than you have or might think possible. Stop holding on to things that can be done by someone else and do only those activities that you can do and can’t be done by anyone else. Stop doing revenue generation / business development avoidance activities and delegate more! You should be doing only those activities that only you can do and nobody else can. Successful people are excellent delegators, so work at being an even better delegator and be even more successful. Download my Free Delegation Exercise to help you identify more activities to delegate, by going to To download my complimentary Time Log Exercise and help you and your team members be even more time efficient, so you are in a higher probability position to achieve your goals, go to: Simple instructions come with the exercise to help you know how to complete the time log. Download my free audio training about how to Focus on your High Payoff Activities and Achieve Your Goals using Effective Time Management and the special report called 10 Power Tips for Getting Focused, Organized, and Achieving Your Goals Now, by going to Subscribe to my podcast and get notified every time a new episode is released. Get a daily Accountability Minute single, simple, doable idea, so you can start your day off on the "right foot", by subscribing to The Accountability Minute at or subscribe based on your country and podcast platform preference. The Accountability Minute on Amazon's Alexa in the USA: The Accountability Minute on Alexa in Canada: The Accountability Minute on Alexa in Australia: The Accountability Minute on Alexa in UK: Want timely and relevant information to help you make more money and work less, so you can enjoy your ideal business and ideal life? Subscribe to my business success tips blog by going to Feel free to share this with others who you think would get value. Aim for what you want each and every day! Anne Bachrach The Accountability Coach™ The Results Accelerator™ Go to to check out for yourself how I, as your Accountability Coach™, can help you get and stay focused on you highest payoff activities that put you in the highest probability position to achieve your professional and personal goals, so you can enjoy the kind of business and life you truly want and deserve. For more help with growing your business and accelerating your results, reach out to me today and schedule your complimentary consultation. If you are getting value from any of Podcasts, please take a minute to leave me a short rating and review. I would really appreciate it, and love to hear from you. Author of Excuses Don’t Count; Results Rule, Live Life with No Regrets, No Excuses, and the Work Life Balance Emergency Kit, The Roadmap To Success with Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard, and more.

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