Episode 112: Crusade Part III, The Chemistry of the Life-Eater Virus, 9th Ed Crusade System, and the Thramas Crusade


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We have a packed one for you today! First of all, we welcome the mighty Kristoffer Sat from Varangian Heresy to analyze the new units and adjusted rules in Crusade for the bastard sons of Nostramo, the Night Lords. After that, in a new installment of the AoD Learning Annex, we are honoured to have David Karlin on the show to talk about how a chemistry perspective can give us a different (but equally terrifying) take on things like the Life-Eater Virus and Phosphex. Then, the powerful Andrew Hollis will join us to discuss how we can use the 40k 9th edition Crusade Campaign system in 30k. And finally, we discuss the history of the Thramas Crusade. Ave Dominus Nox!

Age of Darkness Episode 112

1.41 Crusade Part III: Night Lords Rules and Characters

1.09.43 AoD Learning Annex: Plagues and Virus II

1.50.38 9th Edition Crusade System and 30k

2.22.39 Takes of Heresy: The Thramas Crusade

3.17.07 Two-Week Hobby Challenge

Closing Song is "Bastard Horde" by War Master (https://warmaster.bandcamp.com/)

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