Episode 113: Crusade IV, Mad Max Biker Night Lords, Grimdark AT Terrain, and Valdor by Chris Wraight


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Another packed episode ready for your ear-holes! First off, we conclude(ish) our discussion of Book IX Crusade with an analysis of Night Lord Rites of War and special characters. We then build on this in Painting Black ... and Other Colours by chatting about how to build an army using the Swift Blade RoW. We then welcome Bronco Fish to talk about 3D printing and Adeptus Titanicus terrain. Finally, in Tales of Heresy, we analyze a chapter of the early Imperium in the form of Chris Wraight's novella Valdor. Hail the Primarch of the IVth, the mighty Ushotan!

Age of Darkness Episode 113

2.35 Crusade Part IV: Night Lords Rites of War and Special Characters

1.25.42 Painting Black ... and Other Colours: Swift Blade

1.56.20 Grimdark Terrain with Bronco Fish

2.40.09 Takes of Heresy: Valdor by Chris Wraight

3.32.03 Two-Week Hobby Challenge

Closing Song is "Intro / Dead Kardashians" by Meth Leppard (https://methleppard666.bandcamp.com)

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