Bar Study Motivation Podcast - Ep 013 - Bekki W. Prather


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We start out the episode with congratulations as Bekki just received her passing result from the October 2020 exam just 2 days prior. Bekki then shares her opinion on taking a break from the bar exam due to “bar fatigue”. (Short answer: don’t take a break!) Next, we discuss learning through repetition in the BED app. As Bekki shares, clearing headspace to study with the bar exam is strongly advised. In ending the show with what Bekki’s plans as a lawyer will be in family law, we quickly get back into nerding out on Bus Association and Community Property Essays. This series of podcasts are designed to be listened to during Bar Exam Preparation for inspiration and motivation. Each episode interviews an attorney sharing their own struggle through the Bar Exam, in which they eventually triumph! Please email for any questions regarding the Bar Exam Drills app or the episode itself.

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