Ep 009 - Mental Health with Dr. Kari Sherman and Andrew Sherman


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We start out the episode with a brief background from both Dr. Sherman and Andrew Sherman. We then set in to pre-thought out questions which are a culmination of questions and concerns brought up to both Andrew and San in regards to bar prep every examination cycle. The first question has to do with what Dr. Sherman refers to as “micromanaging the past” with having regret in the responses after a bar exam has been submitted. We then discuss alcohol and substance abuse from the stress of law school, the law profession and the bar exam. Dr. Sherman ends the podcast with emphasis on using the mental health resources available to bar examinees including those provided by the State Bar of California. mentalhealth@barexamdrills.com a.sherman@csoflaw.com san.do@barexamdrills.com If you have any questions that you would like us to answer, please direct them to podcast@barexamdrills.com.

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