BPP 234: Jessica Bellinger - The Humility Paradox


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Jessica Bellinger is an Orlando Florida based wedding photographer and author of a new book called The Humility Paradox. Jessica had a rough start in photography that helped her to see that our life's purpose really boils down to how we treat people that are hard to love. She shares how that has affected the way her photography grew into what it is today.

In This Episode You'll Learn:
  • [04:45] When did you know that photography was going to play a major role in your life?

  • [07:38] What do you think it is about photography that just makes you feel so passionate about it?

  • [09:35] What were the things you were shooting when you were just at home?

  • [11:45] Was there anything in particular that you struggled with in the beginning?

  • [14:26] Jessica shares that one major area of improvement so far, compared to when she started, is her editing style.

  • [20:19] About Jessica's book "The Humility Paradox" and her backstory

  • [40:30] Who deserves to be a great photographer?

  • [43:06] How to contact Jessica

Premium Members Also Learn:
  • How Humility has grown Jessicas Business

  • The struggle between being humble and also charging more than most photographers for your own work

  • An in-depth look into how Jessica uses Facebook ads to market her business


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