BPP 235: Mike Wilhelm - Using Video to Tell Better Stories


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Mike Wilhelm is a Filmmaker and co-host of the Video Maker podcast. Today Mike comes on to talk about getting started with video and how video is different from photography when telling a story.

In This Episode You'll Learn:
  • The power of storytelling
  • What is a 3 act structure
  • The Fundamentals of telling a story in a single frame
  • How to push the envelope without going too far
  • How to tell a long term story
  • How to come up with creative ideas
Resources: Standout Quotes:
  • "I believe truly that video and photography is really all about stories, no matter what kind of work you're doing" - [Mike]
  • "It really doesn't matter what kind of camera you have, if it can record images and sounds, it's good enough, you can do amazing things with almost nothing" - [Mike]
  • "Editing is just about making creative decisions in the process of creating and removing pieces that don't need to be there" - [Mike]
  • "The more pieces there are, the more things that will capture people's attention, the harder time they'll have to figure out what's actually going on" - [Mike]
  • "Essentially what we're doing is we're just capturing our lives as photographers" - [Raymond]

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