BPP 236: Jen Pierce - Authenticity in Photography


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Jen Pierce is a Columbus GA based Wedding and Maternity photographer. In just a few short years she went from hobbyist to 6 figure business that just opened up a studio, and she attributes her success to one thing, Authenticity. Today she shares how she got started, the struggles she faced, and how to be more authentic with your own images.

In This Episode You'll Learn:
  • [03:20] Jen shares the story of how she got started in photography.

    [06:40] Birth Photography as a major part of her work.

    [21:45] Can you describe your editing style?

    [26:56] How Jen was able to open her first photography studio in such a short amount of time

    [28:34] What advice would you give to a new photographer?

    [31:35] How small or big are the changes that you're making to your photography?

    [39:00] How to contact Jen

Premium Members Also Learn:
  • The reason why Jen was able to go from hobby photographers to bringing in 6 figures

  • Jens Step by step Instagram strategy to booking more clients

  • What Jen is doing today to market her photography business to attract new clients


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