237: 5 Ways To Practice Photography At Home


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The second week of February is when we struggle most to keep going with our new years resolutions. Completing a 365 project (photo a day) was at the top of the list for many photographers. So I wanted to provide some inspiration and motivational tips to help keep you going strong!

5 Ways to Practice Photography At Home In The Cold Winter Months

  1. Carry your camera with you everywhere: Get a light and a comfortable strap to carry your camera around with you everywhere. You don’t need to feel any pressure towards taking photos. Just carry it for now if you wish to become more comfortable with having a camera on you.
  2. Review old photographs: Look through your images of the past year or so and pick out your favorites. Take note of why you love them and focus on going deeper with that in future sessions.
  3. Do an Hourly Challenge: There’s a saying “No matter where you are, there is always a great photo within 5 steps of you” Set a timer on your phone to go off every hour for a whole day and whenever it goes off, find that great photo wherever you are.
  4. Try something new: If you need inspiration but don’t want to look through a thousand photos on Instagram, you can use Lightroom presets on your own work to see different possibilities. You can download my most popular 52 Lightroom Presets for free, below!
  5. Start a long term photo project: Your photography will get proportionally better to how much work you put into it. Create a long-term project as a form of accountability and motivation to keep shooting.


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