BPP 239: Bryan Caporicci - What To Focus On When Starting Out In Photography


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Bryan Caporicci is an award-winning wedding and portrait photographer based out of Fonthill, Canada. In 2014, he was awarded his Masters of Photographic Arts (MPA) designation by the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC), making him one of the youngest Canadian photographers to receive this level of achievement.

Bryan is the host of the Business of Photography Podcast with over 2 million downloads. He teaches at workshops across North America, including industry-leading conventions and conferences such as WPPI, Shutterfest and Canada Photo Convention. Bryan is also the CEO and Founder of Sprout Studio.

In today’s interview, Bryan talks about the key aspects of photography to focus on when just getting started.

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • What is Clubhouse for photographers

  • Who Bryan is and how he got started in photography

  • His earliest struggles and how he overcame them

  • How to avoid overwhelm when just learning photography

  • What Bryan hopes to achieve by shooting film for personal work

Premium Members Also Learn:
  • What to focus on now to build a business foundation

  • How to leverage local relationships to build bookings

  • The 3 most important pillars of stating a photo business

  • The paradox of the growing heap and how it will help you better understand bookings

Resources: Standout Quotes:
  • "It was my marketing skills, just the fact that I looked at what I did as an entrepreneur...that's what got me to where I was". - [Bryan]

  • "Take it a step at a time, I think that's probably the biggest mistake that I see photographers make, especially in those early days". - [Bryan]

  • "That's when you become a good wedding photographer when you can look at things and go beyond the technical". - [Bryan]

  • "Every overnight success is an overnight success 10 years in the making". - [Bryan]

  • "The future is cheap if you pay for it now". - [Raymond]

  • "Everyone wants success, no one wants to put in the work that success requires". - [Bryan]

  • "Whatever gear you have, is all that you need right now". - [Bryan]

Key Takeaways:

  • "Clubhouse" is an audio-only social media tool, that allows people to connect either as photographers or with other professionals

  • Bryan shares he has always had a passion for the business side of photography.

  • His experience knowing that most photographers aren't well equipped on the business side motivated the founding of Sprout Studios to offer strategies and tools to help photographers run their business.

  • While most photographers start with an interest in photography and then later incorporate the business side, Bryan had been involved with the business side first but moved into photography after splitting up with his partner who was running the photography aspect of things.

  • Starting, he took up photography on a small scale largely involving sports including all the local sports teams which helped him learn, create systems, and build his skill.

  • The biggest challenge about weddings is the fast pace not only due to the number of events going on at each moment but also technical changes you need to make, to adjust for each shot.

  • Bryan describes defined paths for a new photographer: First, you need to understand the technicals, then learn how to do it under pressure, and then learn how to find moments.

  • Emphasizing the importance of having a mindset to put in the time necessary for growth, Bryan stresses the role of 2nd shooting as an intern, to learn the ropes.

  • The rewards of being an entrepreneur are beautiful but it takes work to get them, and the early days are always the hardest.

  • Don't chase the gear.

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